A Deeper Look At Protectors- Part I (Managers)

ifs protectors Jul 04, 2022

A Deeper Look at Protectors- Part I (Managers)

Having a protective system is crucial for survival. It is important to understand that this is part of being human. However, parts can take on extreme roles if they are forced into action by experiencing some adversity before the client is ready or skilled enough to handle this adversity. Some parts will fill in gaps in the family, help the person escape, or fight the unavoidable pain. These protective strategies may have been appropriate and necessary at the time but as the person grows up (and hopefully no longer in these situations) these coping mechanisms can become a problem in the person's life and relationships. 

Given the protector's dedication to safety and their aversion to feeling vulnerable, the thought of doing internal work with these parts can be frightening to the client. This is especially so when we start to talk about processing trauma memories. In my opinion, trauma therapists (including me) gravitate towards...

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