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Develop advanced skills in EMDR. Overcome stuck points and get access to templates, treatment plans, and more!

2-Day Experiential Workshops

Syzygy Institute 2-Day experiential workshops. We have 3 levels: Intro to IFS (for EMDR Therapists), IFS Informed EMDR, and Discovery (working with blended protectors).

Online Programs

On-Demand courses at your own pace. 

My mission is to help every therapist discover new possibilities and reach their full potential with IFS-EMDR.

"Working with Beau has taken my EMDR skills to a whole new level. I no longer say that I feel stuck. Bringing IFS (parts work) to my EMDR practice has been a total game changer!"

EMDR Certified Therapist

"After working with Beau I feel more compassionate toward my client's "protectors" and less intimidated by them."

Social Worker

Get Your FREE Templates, Treatment Plans, and More!

I am looking forward to working with you.

In the heart of every therapist lies the innate desire to bring change, heal wounds, and be the beacon of hope. I am no different, but my journey has led me down a unique path where my passion is fueled by helping therapists like you achieve their highest potential. I believe that when a therapist thrives, their ripple effect touches countless lives, amplifying healing and understanding.

With years dedicated to deep introspection, continuous learning, and refining my craft, I've made it my mission to assist therapists in becoming the best versions of themselves. Together, let's inspire change, cultivate growth, and set new standards in therapeutic excellence.

I honor your time and energy, and will not waste either. As a Marine Corps Veteran, I exceed expectations in everything I do, including helping you reach your full potential.

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Beau Laviolette, LCSW

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11843 Bricksome Ave. Suite A. Baton Rouge, LA. 70816


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